Why Only Low Quality is There On Free Movies?

We Provide Only 1 Quality To Free Movies.Later We’ll Add More.

How Can I Pay Movies?

Select Any Paid Movies.Fill The Details And Paid.You Can Paid.

Is There Any Refund Policy.

We Don’t Have Refund Policy.So Please Choose Movie Carefully.

Can I Add Movies To Favourite Or Watchlist.?

Yes We Provide That Feature.

How Many Devices Can I Use?

You Can Use Unlimited Devices As Of Now.

How Can I Opted Out For Notifications?

If you however do not wish to receive specific or all of our notifications, simply open to your app > click on Menu > click on Settings option> Here you can off enable push notification.

I am not able to play any content.

If you can’t play any content, follow one or all of the steps below and try again.

1. Check your internet connection.

2. Log out or close the app. Then, reopen the app try to play

3. Uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Is there any recommended internet speed to stream contents?

Even there is no recommended speed connection , We advise you at lease 1MBPS because we upload high big size movies.